Bash # - Who needs restic? - Realtime Wi-Fi stats viewer, probably won’t work on your machine - GoTTY wrapper for an interactive per-user Docker container instance - GoTTY wrapper for read-only terminal sharing - GoTTY wrapper for an interactive shared multi-user Docker container instance - Generate a VP9 WebM file from a series of images - Same as above except H264 MP4 - Archive a Youtube channel via yt-dlp

Golang #

roulette - Display random media from your filesystem

pinglog - ping(8) but with more bloat

imagesize - Find images matching specific size restrictions

errwrapper - Log command output, errors, and exit codes

commands - Display the logs from errwrapper

query - A bunch of random functions as a webservice

Python # - Convert an image into a series of <div> elements, one per pixel, at arbitrary scaling